IV Sedation

At Bal Harbour Smiles we are Specially Trained and Certified by the State of Florida To Provide Sedation for Anxiety-Free Dentistry

We are trained to provide anxiety-free dentistry optimizing care for high-fear patients through the use of CONSCIOUS SEDATION. We offer a choice of 3 Sedation options, Oral Sedation, Nitrous Oxide and IV Sedation

IV Sedation

Our office is now certified by the State of Florida to offer IV Sedation and have an on site anesthesiologist administering the IV.

IV Sedation or “Intravenous Sedation” is administered through a drug directly into a vein. IV Sedation is the most preferred and predictable method of sedation where deep sedation is desired. Profound state of relaxation and amnesia is achieved during IV sedation.

The IV Sedation Procedure

An extremely thin needle is inserted by our anesthesiologist into a vein close to the surface of the skin. IV drip consists of an anti-anxiety medication which puts the patient into a state of deep relaxation. Time will appear to pass very quickly and you will not recall much, or perhaps even nothing at all, of what happened.

A local anesthetic will also be administered in conjunction with this method of dental sedation. When you come for your free initial consultation, the dentist will review your medical history and will determine if IV sedation is the best sedation option for you.

Pulse Oximeter & Blood Pressure Monitoring

During all sedation appointments, the blood pressure and pulse are continually monitored on our patients. In addition, we monitor the oxygen saturation levels of the blood with a pulse oximeter that gently clips onto the finger.